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Where was the first railroad built in illinois?


In June 1845, a group of Illinois businessmen planned to build a railroad 75 miles long, linking Rock Island, Illinois, with LaSalle, Illinois. Rock Island, now known as Arsenal Island, is home to Fort Armstrong, which served as the gateway to Chicago for riverboat passengers and goods ferried on the Mississippi River as early as the 1830s.

Illinois Railroads?

by the consolidation of various lines in 1880. The parent corporation (The Chicago & Rock Island Railroad) was chartered in Illinois in 1851, and the road opened from Chicago to the Mississippi River at Rock Island (181 miles), July 10, 1854. In 1852 a company was chartered under the name of the Mississippi Missouri Railroad for

HISTORY OF JACKSONVILLE? Jacksonville was originally the terminating point for the Northern Cross Railroad, the first railroad built in Illinois. The first medical school in Illinois began at Illinois College in 1842. Three Jacksonville men, Joseph Duncan, Richard Yates, Sr., and Richard Yates, Jr., have been governors of this State.

History of Leroy and Empire Township McLean County, Illinois? The first record of an ordinance governing the speed of automobiles was passed on May 27, 1909. Speed limit was 10 miles per hour, a fine of $10 to be levied for violations. The first record of any concrete viaduct was in 1909 when a concrete viaduct was built on …

Morris History?

In 1839, villagers built the Shakey Bridge across Nettle Creek to influence stagecoach lines to travel through the village. By 1845, daily mail was being delivered by the United States Postal Service. With the opening of the I&M Canal in 1848, and the first steam train railroad in 1853, Morris continued to …

History of Missouri Pacific Railroad? The first section of the present Gulf Coast Lines - the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico - was built from Robstown to Brownsville, Texas. Construction started in August, 1903 and the line was placed in operation July 4, 1904.

History? The first train to operate over the railroad ran on August 25, 1855, when some 300 people traveled eight miles from Louisville at a speed of 15 mph! A little more than four years later, on October 27, 1859, the first train operated all the way from Louisville to Nashville, joining the two namesake cities.

Illinois History Timeline: Illinois Important Dates and Events?

The first railroad bridge across the Mississippi River is completed between Rock Island and Davenport, Iowa. Illinois Central Railroad is completed between Chicago, Galena, and Cairo. Rand McNally is established in Chicago; by 1880 it is the world's largest mapmaking company.

African Americans in Illinois? The first Africans arrived in 1720 when Illinois was part of the French colony of Louisiana (Illinois would not become a state until 1818). A Frenchman, Phillipe Renault, put slaves to work in saline (salt) mines near the French-built Fort de Chartres in Randolph County.

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