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Which is worse hurricane fabian or hurricane igor?


Prior to Igor's arrival, there were fears that the large hurricane would be worse than Hurricane Fabian in 2003 and could "flatten" the territory. These fears resulted from forecasts from the National Hurricane Center which indicated the storm would strike Bermuda as a Category 3 hurricane.

Hurricane Fabian?

Hurricane Fabian was a powerful Cape Verde hurricane that hit Bermuda in early September during the 2003 Atlantic hurricane season.It was the sixth named storm, fourth hurricane, and first major hurricane of the season, developed from a tropical wave in the tropical Atlantic Ocean on August 25. It moved west-northwestward under the influence of the subtropical ridge to its north, and steadily

Hurricane Igor kicks up dangerous surf along US East Coast ? View full sizeGerry Broome / APA boat lies aground Monday near the public wharf in Somerset Village after Hurricane Igor passed through Bermuda. HAMILTON, Bermuda — Hurricane Igor kicked up

Hurricane Igor – BermudaWeather? It is important to remember that, Bermuda has been fortunate to not have experienced winds of the magnitude of Fay since Hurricane Igor in 2010. Similarly, Gonzalo brought winds not experienced on Bermuda since Hurricane Fabian in 2003.

Hurricane Igor?

The US National Hurricane Center said Igor, packing top winds of 80 mph (130 kph), was closing in on the small British overseas territory, a popular tourist destination and wealthy global

Hurricane Igor Heads North After Battering Bermuda? Hurricane-force winds extended about 90 miles from Igor’s core. The U.S. East Coast would experience rough surf and a stiff breeze, the Miami-based hurricane center said. The hurricane

Hurricane Igor Headed Toward Bermuda, Center Reports ? Bermuda’s weather service has compared Igor to Hurricane Fabian, which hit the island in 2003 with winds of 120 mph, killing eight people and causing $300 million in damage.

Hurricane Fabian and similar hurricanes

Prior to Igor's arrival, there were fears that the large hurricane would be worse than Hurricane Fabian in 2003 and could "flatten" the territory. Hurricane Igor - Wikipedia This is Bermuda's most famous beach, and was noted for its natural rock formations and caves until they were largely destroyed by Hurricane Fabian in 2003.

Hurricane Igor barrels toward Bermuda; remnants of Karl ? An extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane earlier in the week, Igor was still a Category 2 storm, and officials warned that its pounding rains and driving winds could be deadly.

List of Bermuda hurricanes? Hurricane Fabian was the most intense storm to impact the territory in modern times, though officially it did not make landfall, and was the only storm to have its name retired for effects in Bermuda. The costliest storms were Fabian and Gonzalo, which caused about $300 million and $200–400 million in damage respectively (2003 and 2014 USD).

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