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Who are lauren conrads friends?


Lauren Conrad came into prominence after appearing in the reality show ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’ alongside her real-life friends Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, and Audrina Patridge. Conrad has worked with the renowned magazine ‘Teen Vogue’ as well.

What Happened to Lauren Conrad?

Heidi, Kristin, and Audrina Discussed Why They're Not Friends With Lauren Conrad Anymore By Shannon Raphael. Feb. 13 2020, Published 10:00 a.m. ET. Though MTV's The Hills came to an end 10 years ago and its original star, Lauren Conrad, left after Season 5, the bad blood between her and the rest of the cast is far from over. Lauren left the

Kristin Cavallari's New Revelations on Lauren Conrad ? Kristin Cavallari Interview Bombshells: What She Said About Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti and More During a new On the List podcast interview, Kristin Cavallari dished on her life today

Kristin Cavallari Sets Record Straight on Lauren Conrad ? Kristin Cavallari seemingly shaded Lauren Conrad during a recent Instagram Live. The 34-year-old Uncommon James founder teamed up with her best friend Justin Anderson for a Q&A session, and she got

Where is Lauren Conrad now?

At age 17, Lauren Conrad shared her life with the world as the lead role in Laguna Beach. The show followed the lives of Lauren and her friends as they navigated growing up in the privileged suburb of Orange County. We got a close up look of the teenagers and their personal lives, while they were still attending high school.

Who Are Lauren Conrad's Friends!? Heyy. I know Lo (Lauren Bosworth) is her best friend. Then there's Audrina, but they aren't close anymore apparently and only see eachother once in a while. Then there's Stephanie Pratt but they aren't really that close are they? Then there's Whitney, but they don't speak hardly anymore since they left work and have got their own lives and Whitney lives far away. She isn't friends AT ALL with

Does The Hills Reboot Cast Hang Out With Lauren Conrad? “I thought with Lauren and me, we would’ve been friends again.” If Conrad isn’t in most of the cast members’ lives, it makes sense that they aren’t bringing her up.

Is Brody Jenner Still Friends With Lauren Conrad?

In the mid-2000s, Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad were a hot item from the MTV hit reality series The Hills. While Conrad was the main character on the show, Jenner was her close friend and love interest. These days, Jenner is a fixture on the reboot show The Hills: New Beginnings, though Conrad is nowhere to be […]

Who Is Lauren Conrad's Husband? The date took place on Valentine's Day in 2014. Conrad shared on her blog that two unnamed mutual friends set it up for her and Tell. The date went well, and …

What Is Lauren Conrad's Net Worth How Much Money Does ? Then came The Hills, when Lauren moved to L.A. and was friends with and then seriously-not-friends with Heidi Montag.Reportedly, Lauren was paid $125,000 an episode and even had it in her contract

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