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Who are the competitors of parcelabc in the uk?


Competitors of ParcelABC include TForce Logistics, Whitacre Logistics and US Logistics. Where is ParcelABC headquarters? ParcelABC headquarters is located at 5 Underwood St, Greater London. Where are ParcelABC offices?

Why IMX?

Flexibility . At IMX, our flexibility sets us apart from other companies in the mailing industry. If you’re looking for an international mailservice, you may find that larger mailing companies offer a large variety of services at the cost of flexibility whilst smaller companies may offer tailored shipping plans but lack the scope of their larger competitors.

How Parcel Delivery Has Improved Over The Years ? Thanks to the Internet, people are able to find the best offers available and compare all the prices, which increased its popularity. Costs also became lower and there are various services like ParcelABC, Technology to send cheap parcels. Only in UK, more than 15% of all retail sales is represented by online shopping, which is a huge number.

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