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Who are the members of the band bubblegum?


Soon, Buddah, Leka, and Super K—along with bubblegum's other auteur, Monkees mogul Don —realized they didn't have to deal with a band's artistic integrity at all, and resorted instead to an assemblage of studio pros. The method of using anonymous, interchangeable groups of session musicians was the key to bubblegum's ultimate success.

Crispy biography, discography, songs ?

Crispy was a Danish Bubblegum eurodance act founded in 1997 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their first (and only) album, The Game, includes catchy, fun, candy-coated dance songs about tropical beaches, dinosaurs, and video games. Crispy are probably most well-known for their hit single "Licky Licky", and their 1999 hit "In & Out." Members

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