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Who is arthur guinness and what is his history?


In this article, we will share Arthur Guinness biography (an Irish brewer), the history of Guinness beer and brewery. Enjoy reading the story about a great company, great people, and delicious Guinness beer! Guinness beer is the pride of Ireland.


Arthur Guinness, after inheriting money from his godfather Archbishop Price, signed a 9,000 year lease for the unused brewery at St. James's Gate in Dublin. Since then the company has opened breweries in 49 different countries and sells its product in more than 150. Today Guinness offers four different brews.

History Of Guinness – Guinness? In 1759, Arthur Guinness started his first brewery, where he signed a 9000 year lease at St.James Gate in Dublin, Ireland. On his first voyage, he sent 6 and a half barrels to England. After a successful first sale, his name started to circulate. After realizing that a certain dark beer called "porter" is …

When was Arthur Guinness born? Arthur Guinness (24 September 1725 – 23 January 1803) was an Irish brewer and the founder of the Guinness brewery business and family. He was also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. At 27, in 1752, Guinness's godfather Arthur Price, the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Cashel, bequeathed him £100

How old was Arthur Guinness when he died?

Revd. William Guinness Arthur Guinness (12 March 1768 – 9 June 1855) was a successful brewer, banker, politician and flour miller in Dublin, Ireland. To avoid confusion with his father, also Arthur Guinness (1725–1803), he is often known as "the second Arthur Guinness" or as Arthur Guinness II or Arthur II Guinness.

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