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Who is dale hayes attorney?


Over the past two decades Mr. Hayes has established himself as a prominent Las Vegas personal injury attorney. In 2019, Mr. Hayes made the decision to leave his previous firm and finish his legal career with his son, Attorney Dale Hayes, Jr. Dale, also a Las Vegas native, was born at Sunrise Hospital in 1977.

How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense Attorney by Dale A ?

Dealing with criminal charges is an attempting time for all included and a decent legal advisor should help concede the worry of this circumstance by promoting and guaranteeing their customer at

What to do when you are Arrested and Charged with a DUI in ? Hayes has practiced from Nevada’s most prestigious firm and then he started his DUI career. Later in 2009 winters, Dale moved forward with his practice as a criminal lawyer and launched DUI Lawyer of Las Vegas. Dale has attended DUI Trainings and educational courses across North America to implement his knowledge to fight for his clients.

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