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Who is dr hayes?


As a board certified family medicine physician, Dr. Hayes is experienced in women’s health care and wellness, well-child care and common childhood illness, men’s health, adult medicine, and care of seniors. Her board training allows her to coordinate the care her patients sometimes receive from multiple specialists.

Who Is Dr. Cormac Hayes, Irish “McWidow” Pediatric Surgeon ?

Dr. Hayes, a widower with two teenage sons, first appeared on the November 2019 episode Let’s All Go to the Bar. He and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) butted heads at first but when they eventually became

Who Is Dr. Hayes, McWidow On Greys? Her gift was a potential new love interest on Grey's Anatomy: Doctor Cormac Hayes played by Irish actor Richard Flood from Shameless (below). When Meredith first …

Who Plays Dr. Hayes On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? While some friends may send each other a bottle of wine every now and then, Cristina Yang sent her BFF Meredith Grey something much more vital: a hunky Irish surgeon

Who Is McWidow on Grey's Anatomy?

Enter Dr. Cormac Hayes, who was immediately dubbed “McWidow” by Meredith’s long-distance BFF Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). Hayes went to work at …

Who Is The 'McWidow' Cristina Sent Meredith On 'Grey's ? Officially, the hot new Irish surgeon is Dr. Cormac Hayes (played by actor Richard Flood), who's stepped in to fill Karev's role as Grey Sloan's new head of …

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