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Who is nora braverman?


Nora Braverman (played by Mia and Ella Allan) is the daughter of Adam and Kristina Braverman. She has two older siblings: Haddie and Max Braverman . At the time of her birth, Adam was closing a huge business deal and turned his phone off. Instead, her Uncle Crosby helped Kristina deliver her. She was born in the episode, "Nora."

List of Parenthood characters?

18 rows · Nora Braverman (Mia and Ella Allan), the youngest of Adam and Kristina's three

Which Braverman Made Us Cry the Most on Parenthood? Nora Braverman Here’s the deal: The youngest Bravermans, who have the least heavy lifting to do on Parenthood with the least amount of screen time, tend to populate the lower spots on this list.

Kristina Braverman Parenthood Wiki Fandom? Kristina Anna Nicholas Braverman (portrayed by Monica Potter) is Adam Braverman's wife and the mother of Haddie Braverman, Max Braverman, and Nora Braverman. 1 Life 1.1 Character Traits 1.2 History 2 Trivia She is a typical soccer mom and a source of stability and support for anyone who needs it. NBC characterizes her as a "wise and quietly forceful woman who loves her husband and children

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He’s married to Camille Braverman, played by Bonnie Bedelia. You might recognize Adam Braverman, the oldest of the Braverman children, from Six Feet Under. His character is married to Kristina (Monica Potter) and father to Haddie (Sarah Ramos), Max (Max Burkholder), and Nora.

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