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Who is squaretrade and what do they do?


SquareTrade, an Allstate company, is an award-winning protection plan provider trusted by millions of customers for its fast and efficient service. Founded in 1999, SquareTrade covers electronics, appliances, furniture, and more from product breakdowns and lif……

What does an Allstate Protection Plan cover?

SquareTrade Protection Plans covers all mechanical/electrical failures that happen during normal use, such as button failure, depleted (non-replaceable) batteries, and nonresponsive charging ports or audio jacks. Plans that include accident protection also cover damage from accidents like drop and spills.

What does Walmart Protection cover? How does my plan work with the manufacturer’s warranty? Most products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts 90 days to one year from the date of purchase. If there is an issue during this time that is covered by the warranty, you will be referred to the manufacturer for service.

What's the difference between the ? SquareTrade protects new items from the day they’re purchased. However, most new items also come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects due …

Why a Former Best Buy Employee Recommends SquareTrade's ?

You do, of course, so let's consider SquareTrade's alternative. SquareTrade offers a 3-year warranty with accidental coverage for $299.99—an extra year for the same amount.

Should you get month-to-month phone insurance? SquareTrade plans are priced yearly: For a current phone, you can expect to pay $89 per year, $149 for two years or $179 for three years. All claims are subject to a $99 deductible.

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