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Who is the american prisoner in russia at the end of stranger things?


Who is the American prisoner in Russia at the end of Stranger Things 3? The scene then cuts to two Russian officers walking down a dingy metal corridor, with cells on one side. As one goes to open one of the prison cells, the other replied "No. Not the American." THE AMERICAN?! Now, there's a number of people who that prisoner could be.

Who Is the American in the Stranger Things Season 3 Post ?

But more importantly, the scene leaves fans wondering about the identity of the American imprisoned in Russia. There are a few possibilities: Jim Hopper (David Harbour), who appeared to die earlier

Who is the American at the end of Stranger Things 3? Stranger Things fans have a convincing theory about the American hostage referred to in the end credits scene. **WARNING: Season 3 spoilers ahead** Stranger Things 3 dropped on Netflix on 4 July

Who Is "The American" In Prison In 'Stranger Things ? The mid-credits scene of the Season 3 finale reveals that there is an American prisoner in a Russian holding cell. The showrunners, by introducing this scene, are sewing glimmers of hope into the

Who is 'the American' teased at the end of 'Stranger ?

Stranger Things season 3 ended with some heartbreaking events, the least of which is that (maybe sorta kinda possible) major character death, but we’ll leave that for more discussion later.

Who's The American On Stranger Things 3? The American is spared in the final moments of the clip, with the Soviets opting to feed a different prisoner to a Demogorgon. Many fans are hoping that the American is Hopper, and the theory

What Really Happened With Hopper at the End of 'Stranger ? But then, there is a quick post-credit scene that teases the next season of Stranger Things. It takes place somewhere in Russia, where two Russian guards bring a prisoner

Who Is the American?

Anyways, at the end of Stranger Things: Summer Edition, a post-credits scene took us way out of Hawkinsall the way to snowy Kamchatka, Russia. There, two soldiers revealed the Russians have

Who Is The American in Stranger Things 3? So far, fans have come up with two possible theories as to who the American prisoner is. The first goes ALL THE WAY back to season one and features Dr. Brenner, Eleven's captor and "father." Reddit

Who plays Alexei on Stranger Things? In Stranger Things season 3, we are introduced to Dr. Alexei, a Russian scientist working with other scientists to infiltrate Hawkins via its new mall. When Hopper and Joyce begin investigating the magnets being demagnetised, it leads them to …

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