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Who is the girl in quantum of solace?


The sizzling dialogue and verbal confrontations James Bond is famous for are tragically absent and while Quantum of Solace does well to continue avoiding the tired Bond girl stereotypes with Kurylenko's Camille Montes, the film also avoids giving her a proper character.

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Camille Montes is played by Olga Kurylenko in Quantum of Solace. She is a Russian-Bolivian who formerly worked for Bolivian Intelligence, though her reasons for leaving are never elaborated upon (though it is implied that she only worked there long enough to locate Medrano). She seeks revenge on General Medrano for killing her family.

What James Bond's Quantum of Solace Title Really Means? Yusef is another Quantum agent who seduces women with valuable connections - like Vesper. Bond tells Kabria's latest target, a Canadian intelligence agent named Corrine Veneau (Stana Katic), who Yusef really is, sparing her Vesper's fate.

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