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Who is the next big bad in marvel?


WandaVision teases that Wanda is capable of becoming the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next big bad. Marvel Studios put themselves in a difficult position with Thanos. The Mad Titan was arguably the toughest villain in comic book movie history.

Who Will Be The Next MCU Big Bad After Thanos?

One rumor claims that the MCU's next Big Bad won't be a world eater or another cosmic tyrant, but the classic Spidey villain Green Goblin. While Goblin is relatively low on the Marvel bad

Who is the next Big Bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ? While these five would pose a similar threat to Thanos, there's no saying the next Big Bad of the MCU couldn't be a cabal of villains or something a little less universe-threatening. But we know Marvel loves drama, and to them, drama means entire planets on the brink of destruction.

Who is the Next MCU Big Bad? Thanos was THE big bad for almost a decade since the first mentioned of the Avengers in the first Iron Man film, and was confirmed when he was revealed at the end of the first Avengers film’s after-credit sequence.

Christian Bale rumoured to be Marvel's next major villain ?

Christian Bale rumoured to be Marvel’s next major villain. Reports suggest that Bale could takeover from Thanos as the MCU's next big bad, with the actor apparently set to play an

WandaVision: Will Wanda become the MCU's new big bad? Whoever’s up next has to be able to challenge Captain Marvel and measure up to Thanos’ legacy. With that, it would make sense that Wanda Maximoff is the next big bad

Who is the Avengers' Next Big Villain? A visual feast that works in tandem with the VENOMVERSE comics, dive into the murky world of the most notorious alien symbiote in the Marvel Universe with Edge of Venomverse. Marvel University talks to leading experts to explore the realism behind the characters and storylines from the Marvel Universe.

Who will be the MCU “Big Bad” after Thanos?

Where does the Marvel Cinematic Universe go after current Big Bad, Thanos? Since the End credit scene at the end of the first Avengers movie, and the teaser of Thanos. The Mad Titan has been one of the driving forces of the MCU, pulling the strings. All in his quest to collect the Infinity Stones, to complete the Infinity Gauntlet.

Is WandaVision Hinting at the Next Big Bad of the Marvel ? Considering Mephisto's ties to Wanda's story and to the multiverse (which we already suspect will play a big part in the next phase of Marvel stories), it wouldn't be surprising at all if he's

Who is the Next Big Bad in Marvel Strike Force ? Today we check out who I think may be the next big bad coming to Marvel Strike Force, theorize on some different characters and discuss storyline!Ultimate Ne

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