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Who is the owner of xpeng motor company?


He Xiaopeng, 42, who earlier in his career made a fortune by co-founding a mobile browser business in China, holds Xpeng shares worth$4.2 billion, based on figures in the company’s prospectus. Xpeng’s IPO follows the June 30 Nasdaq listing of another China EV maker, Li Auto, which raised $1.1 billion and whose shares have risen since.

How EV maker Xpeng narrowed its Q4 loss?

Xpeng expects that figure to be around 12,500 for the first quarter, meaning revenue for the three months ending March 31 may reach 2.6 billion yuan, a year-over-year increase of around 530 percent.

Can XPeng's upcoming new sedan challenge Tesla on self ? Chinese EV maker XPeng Motors' President Brian Gu (Gu Hongdi) said the company plans to launch the third model this year, with deliveries as early as the fourth quarter, according to Bloomberg. The new model, due out in 2021, will use XPeng's custom automotive-grade LiDAR, produced by DJI-incubated Livox, making self-driving technology a big

What are Xpeng's core competencies? Xpeng plans to launch High Speed Autonomous Driving next year, which will have better features than Tesla and will be the highlight of XPILOT 3.0. NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) for short allows the vehicle to change lanes, switch high-speed routes and select the best route in real time according to the route guide after setting the navigation

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