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Who played on the telecaster?


Twang-loving country legends like Luther Perkins and Buck Owens helped bring the Telecaster sound to the masses, influencing rock players like Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and George Harrison who would, in turn, change the face of music in the 1960s and beyond.

History of Telecaster?

On Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page played a psychedelic-painted Telecaster (given to him by Jeff Beck) on tracks including “Dazed and Confused,” “Good Times Bad Times,” “Communication Breakdown,” “How Many More Times,” “You Shook Me” and more.

How the Fender Telecaster conquered country MusicRadar? Outfitting them with guitars was like shooting fish in a barrel. Besides, if you break it down, the Telecaster was basically a lap steel you played like a regular Spanish guitar. Its bright punchy sound was perfect for Western Swing. Tele tweaks. The Telecaster - and Esquire - saw quite a few changes through the ’50s.

Why do people still love the Fender Telecaster? Fender Telecaster 1972 model. Above we have a version with two humbuckers but perhaps more common was an identical guitar with the Ashtray bridge containing a single coil unit like the original Telecaster. In my view the final major sub-version of the Telecaster is the Thinline Telecaster.

What's the oldest telecaster you've ever played?

Once I played a lefty '53 Telecaster thru a '59 Bassman. Several years ago at the Franklin TN Factory guitar show that rolls around every April, or used to anyway. IIRC, the seller was asking 23K for the guitar. His father bought it brand new; the original receipt was still with the guitar. Even though the seller knew I wasn't a serious buyer

What's the oldest telecaster you've ever played? I've played a few REAL 52's over the years. The last one was maybe mid 80's. If I recall, the 52 RI's I own are overall better guitars and play better, but then again the real 52 was bone stock original. NOT a fair comparison to an 88 and 89 made guitar. Now the 54 and 57 Strats I …

List of Stratocaster players? He played the Stratocaster for many years and even recorded an album called "Strat's Got Your Tongue" (2012) He is known for his love of Fender guitars. [47] Rocky Kramer (born 1990) is known for being a Norwegian "Master Guitarist," now living in the United States .

List of the Beatles' instruments?

Guitars. Both John Lennon and George Harrison used the Gibson J-160E, an acoustic guitar with an electric pickup at the base of the fretboard.The resonant character of the full acoustic body, combined with the electric pickup, meant that this guitar was susceptible to feedback, employed to great effect on the intro to "I Feel Fine".Lennon also used a Framus Hootenanny twelve-string acoustic

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