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Who was allowed to build the railroads in california?


The two railroads charted for the project — the Central Pacific Railroad of California, which was permitted to build a line east from Sacramento, and the Union Pacific Railroad Company, which would build west from the Missouri River — immediately began a race to the finish.

Irish Labor on the Transcontinental Railroad?

This act, The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862, gave companies the federal help they needed to make their proposals realistic and allowed for the formation of the Railroad (Ambrose). Unbeknownst to them, the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific companies “were about to become the biggest businesses in America” (Ambrose).

American Railroads National Museum of American History? In Santa Cruz and Watsonville, the same Chinese who had built many of the railroads in California shifted to agricultural work. Ultimately, California’s population of today was shaped by the agriculture and industry that grew there in the 20th century.

CHINESE-AMERICAN CONTRIBUTION TO TRANSCONTINENTAL …? With the California Gold Rush and the opening of the West came an increased interest in building a transcontinental railroad. To this end, the Central Pacific Railroad Company was established, and construction of the route East from Sacramento began in 1863.

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