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Who was robert melville son of alexander melville?


Robert Melville trained for the ministry and for many years assisted the minister of Culross, Mr. Robert Colville, another son of Commendator Alexander. Margaret Melville married Sir Andrew Balfour of Montquhany in Fife.

History of the Melville Clan?

In 1616 he was created Baron Melville of Monymail. His son, also a judge, was given the title Lord Monymail in 1627 by King Charles I. The fourth Lord Melville, a staunch Protestant, supported an unsuccessful rebellion by James, Duke of Monmouth, the illegitimate son of King Charles II.

Histories of Cooper Family in Lewis County – Lewis County ? Col. Robert Melville Cooper. Col. Robert Melville Cooper (son of Capt. Robert Cooper, Revolutionary War soldier of Fishing Creek, South Carolina.), had fifteen children. Twelve boys and three girls. His children were born in Maury/Lewis County, Tenn. many of whom left for war, returned, and got their families, and headed for greener pastures.

Viscounts Melville papers 1600-1851? Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd viscount Melville (1771-1851), was the only son of Henry Dundas and Elizabeth Rannie. He entered politics as private secretary to this father, and was elected to Parliament for Hastings in 1794, for Rye in 1796, and for Edinburghshire in 1801.


Sir Robert Melville of Murdocairnie was the keeper of the Palace of Linlithgow at the end of the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. Twenty years later, as an ambassador at the court of Queen Elizabeth, he was so outspoken about the sentence of death which had been pronounced on Mary by an English court, that he was threatened with imprisonment, despite

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