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Who was ryus best friend in dragon ball z?


Kureha was Ryu's best friend in childhood, and the two were nearly inseparable. As they grew up Ryu chose the path of the Ninja, and Kureha became Dragon Shrine Maiden, sworn to defend the clan treasures, especially the Dragon:s Eye Magatama.

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How To Fight Friends In Dragon Ball FighterZ Shacknews? The most obvious solution to finding a way to play Dragon Ball FighterZ with friends is to play offline. Of course, in this internet-connected age, that's not always easy to arrange.

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Parsec solves a huge problem that has been plaguing the Dragon Ball FighterZ community: playing online with friends. Using Co-play to play the game online with friends on PC is as easy it sounds: after creating a username and downloading the Parsec app, you will be able to enter your friend's username in order to add them.

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