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Who was the american pilot who shot down four p 51s?


On June 1, 1944, Hartmann downed four P-51s in a single mission over the Ploiesti oil fields. Later that month, during his fifth engagement with American pilots, he shot down two more P-51s before being forced to bail out after his Messerschmitt Bf 109 ran out of fuel after being chased by eight P-51s.

What were the responses of the German pilots when the ?

When Mustangs appeared? P-51 Mustang endurance was up to 7 hours. P-38 4.5 to 5 hours - hours. P-47 3.5 hours. So the Mustangs could go anywhere in Germany. The Mustang was maneuverable, it could dive well although I think the ME-109 could climb s

His P-51 was shot down over Germany – Jack Miller spent 9 ? Jack Miller loved his P-51D Mustang fighter. Twice he was shot down when he was a 20-year-old 2nd lieutenant serving as a member of the 354th Pioneer Mustang Group, 9th Air Force stationed in France during World War II. The 80-year-old former Englewood fighter pilot said, "The P-51 had more of an effect on WWII…

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How did in WW2 P51 mustangs compete with Me262s of ?

Here are two tangles between P-51’s and ME262’s, which typify such engagements. Both involve healthy jets, and American ace pilots. One a double ace (11.5 kills), the other a triple ace (16.25 kills). C.E. “Chuck” Yeager (double ace) : Returning f

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