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Who was the chimp on the today show?


Muggs drew quite an audience by dunking a doughnut into his coffee. One of the amused customers was an NBC executive. He informed the NBC president who said: “I want the chimp.” Next thing you know, Muggs, Mannella, and his business partner Leroy Waldron were on the Today show. Muggs was an instant sensation with children, and later their parents.

What Happens Behind Closed Doors At 'Today Show'?

What was so intriguing about Muggs was the fact that he wasn’t human at all, but rather a trained chimpanzee who managed to inflate the number of people tuning into the show each day. While there was no doubt about the fact that seeing a chimpanzee on the show entertained viewers, Garroway wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of his co-star.

History of Violence? Leslie Mostel-Paul, a former Stamford resident now living in Atlanta, told the “Today Show'' that the chimp bit her hand when she greeted it as it sat in Herold's vehicle one day in 1996.

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