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Who was the first african american mayor to appoint an african american police chief?


Houston is home today to too many different kinds of people, with too many different sets of values and interests, for any one group to control elections so easily. Whitmire was the first mayor to appoint an African American, Lee P. Brown, as Houston's police chief.

List of first African-American mayors?

The first African American mayors were elected during Reconstruction in the Southern United States beginning about 1867. African Americans in the South were also elected to many local offices, such as sheriff or Justice of the Peace, and state offices such as legislatures as well as a smaller number to Federal offices.After this period ended in 1876, white supremacists and a …

List of African-American firsts? First African-American elected mayor of a large US city: Carl B. Stokes (Cleveland, Ohio) First African-American appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States: Thurgood Marshall (See also: 1965) First African-American selected for astronaut training: Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.

African American Leaders In Plano Praise Hiring Of Ed ? History was made in Plano this week as the city appointed its first African American police chief. Ed Drain will be formally hired by the city council on Monday.

African American mayors lay out plan for police reform ?

The plan outlined by the African American Mayors Association calls for providing transparency in policing, reevaluating police policies and union contracts, advocating for federal policy changes

African American Roundtable: Shares list of some of ? MILWAUKEE, WI — The African-American Roundtable is committed to action for justice on behalf of individuals (both past and present) who have lost their lives at the hands of police violence. The events that have transpired in Milwaukee over the past week have been a display of community pain and frustration toward unfair policing practices

How Mayors Vann and Arrington shaped Birmingham? The election of Arrington as the city's first African-American mayor in 1979 is seen by many as the pivotal event in those years of tumultuous change, but LaMonte shows a pattern of continuity

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