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Who were the lusk settlers?


Lusk Settlers in United States in the 18th Century. Robert Lusk, who settled in Augusta in Virginia in 1764. Hugh Lusk, who arrived in Norfolk, Va in 1798. Jacob Lusk, who arrived in Mississippi in 1798.


Captain Miller purchased 102.5 acres of land from the Lusk family. (The Lusks were very early settlers in the area having arrived by the Ganargua River and establishing residence not far from the site of the famous rappings heard by the Fox sisters.) Captain Miller had his newly acquired land plotted off into streets and lots and built a small

List of early settlers of Rhode Island? The first group of 58 names appears to be settlers of Pocasset (later Portsmouth), while the second group of 42 appears to be settlers of Newport. These two lists come from Bartlett's Records of the Colony of Rhode Island , and apparently they were compiled and incorporated into the town records of Newport on November 25, 1639.

History of Auglaize County? Before White Settlers Came: The following is a portion of "An Historical Account of the Early Religious and Social Life of the New Knoxville, Ohio Community (1836-1900)," which was written by Edwin R. Kuck, a descendant of F.H.W. Kuckherman, Pastor of the German Evangelical Reformed Church (now the United Church of Christ) from 1843 to 1890.


Churches were built, railways were planned, and before long, stores and taverns were flourishing. The courthouse was built on the square, and 11 lawyers and 10 physicians were in practice by 1834. Since Illinois filled from the bottom up, with the majority of early settlers coming from southern states, there was a time when Jacksonville was the

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